“High praises keep coming in daily about our annual conference and networking day and Lee is definitely the top reason why. The standing ovation she received reflects how much the audience enjoyed and appreciated her. She provided lively and meaningful content and techniques that everyone can use to enhance their overall quality of life, personally and professionally.”
John Myers, President, Maine Town & City Clerks’ Association

I am one of the 200 clerks that attended the NEACTC Conference and had the pleasure of hearing you speak. As you know by our standing ovation, you had an impact on us. I am thankful for going to that conference. Your story is helping me see things in a different light than I may have, or at least sooner than I may have. Thank you for touching my life.” Nanette Rogers

Are you looking for a keynote speaker who will:

  • Entertain and engage your audience at your next conference, employee meeting, retreat or celebration?
  • Connect with your audience in an intimate, intense and individual level?
  • Provide practical, effective and easy-to-implement skills for a more fulfilling life?
  • Share tips about how to communicate more purposefully?
  • Have fun with your audience?

"Your session was the catalyst to the positive changes I made in my life. You had a major influence on my life, which has led to finding what makes me happy and living the life that I deserve!" Leslie Brann

"Lee exceeded my expectations with delivering on the primary objective of our employee retreat, which was to reinforce to employees that communication starts with them. She created lively, thought-provoking and interactive discussions, and provided many tools and techniques to help employees enhance communication, attitude and bring forth ideas for change. Our employees are still talking about the program and use the tools, resulting in a positive change in behavior and a positive impact on clients and workplace culture." Jessica L. Palladino, SPHR, Director of Human Resources, Maine Center for Cancer Medicine

Are You Ready?

What do you do to get ready for work each day? What do you do to get ready for life every day? This powerful presentation provides a fun, refreshing and interactive look at “getting ready” for work and life, and provides tools and techniques to ensure you are ready to communicate positively, adapt productively and persevere resiliently. At the conclusion of this program you will have the insight and inspiration to reach a new level of determination and success, allowing you to enhance relationships and maximize potential, positively contributing to your overall happiness……… simply by being ready at all times.

“Captivating an audience after a long day of work and a robust dinner is one of the greatest challenges for a speaker. Lee not only captivated my audience in a spirited manner, but she also provided valuable and practical tools and left the audience wanting more. Lee’s energy is felt off-stage as well; she exudes professionalism in preparation and planning, ensuring the accuracy of every last detail. She makes my job easier and charms my audiences.” Tanya Kolonoski, Executive Director, Center for Financial Training & Education Alliance


Happy Hour:

This is not your ordinary Happy Hour; it's better! This Happy Hour will help you discover and maintain a healthy, positive and productive outlook and provide you a renewed spirit and tips to sustain momentum and motivation. You will rediscover your happiness, enhancing your overall quality of life.

"Lee gives an awesome presentation that can be applied to all aspects of one's life!"
Rebecca J. Curtis


The Gift of You:

Over the years, legacies have become associated with money and power, but in this stimulating presentation, you will discover the intangible and more enduring and valuable legacies that we carry within us. In this session you will learn how to recognize and pass on your own unique legacy, rediscover a sense of self-worth and recognize and be inspired by the unique legacies of those around you. This program is especially meaningful for the mature market and those who work with seniors.

"As our morning keynote speaker, Lee 's dynamic style kicked off our Aging Well -Living Well Conference with excitement and high energy. She captivated the participants' attention with interesting insight into the attitude of aging. Lee was both motivating and inspirational and helped launch the conference to an excellent start for the day." Christiane Cornish, Seniors Plus


The Difference You Make:

Each one of you has the power to positively impact those around you and truly make a difference. In truth, most professional individuals give so much of themselves, their talents and their resources to clients and coworkers that there is very little energy left to share with family and friends. By focusing on the difference you make on a consistent basis with everyone you encounter, you can fuel your own energy, maintain momentum, and enhance communication and relationships. In this session, you will learn specific skills that you can easily implement immediately. You will discover the opportunities that exist to take control of your life, renew your spirit and positively influence all the people you encounter at work, at home and beyond. The result is greater self satisfaction and living a more fulfilling and purposeful life. When you give so freely of yourself to others, you should be able to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible!

"Your program was certainly one of the more interesting and engaging that I've attended in a long time." Lynne Belanger


Yippee, It’s a New Day!®

An attitude contributes to success, productivity and happiness or it contributes to failure and despair. Developing a positive attitude leads to productive behavior. It's a word and subject that has become trite, but it is one of the most important aspects of our ability to achieve the level of success to which we aspire at work and at home. We own our attitude and have the power to control it. By doing so we navigate our future and take ownership of our behavior and the life we have. In this day and age, it is more challenging than ever to maintain a positive, productive and healthy attitude and behavior. The great news is that maintaining a positive and productive attitude and behavior can be achieved, regardless of circumstances. Do you want to replace negative energy with positive energy? Are you looking to enhance productivity, workplace culture and efficiencies, and have some fun? In today's competitive environment, companies and organizations are expected to do more with less; therefore it is more important than ever to educate and promote a positive and productive state of mind.

"Lee's sunny personality and quick smile made her an instant success with the DOL employees. After one of your presentations a co-worker stated that you were the 'best presenter we have ever had.' I was sad when we finished the last event because I knew I would miss your positive attitude. Many of us still begin our day as you taught us, with a great big "Yippee." Anne Harriman, Maine Department of Labor


A Balancing Act:

Learn how having the right attitude and taking responsibility can contribute to better balance in your life and increased happiness, wellness and prosperity. With some easy-to-use tools and concepts you will discover how to enrich the quality of life, both personally and professionally by finding balance in your life.

"Lee's program helped me realize the importance of a positive mental attitude and that success is measured by happiness."
Terry Gunzinger

Wishful Thinking:

Are you looking to achieve more in your life? Do you want your dreams to become reality? Would you like to find the courage to pursue your dreams? We only have one life, so start today by learning the secrets to making your dreams come true.

"I loved it! Lee's presentation really got me thinking about how I want my life to be and what I can do to make it a reality."
Evelyn Clark


Point of View:

On her quest to find contentment, Lee Ann Szelog reveals her experiences as a lighthouse keeper on the Maine coast, and the wisdom she gained in pursuit of happiness. This presentation, based on her book, Our Point of View – Fourteen Years at a Maine Lighthouse, will inspire you through compelling stories and exceptional images. From extraordinary events, people, and wildlife to storms and the changing seasons, you will find inspiration as you pursue your own journey and happiness. Special pricing available on the purchase of the book, Our Point of View as a gift for your audience.

"Your presentation was moving, thoughtful, and left me wanting more; I have never listened to a presentation, and felt such emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other." Diane Marion

"I was especially taken with the intimate relationship Lee quickly developed with the audience." Michael Culver