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Like leaves on a tree, each individual is unique. The workshops, classes and presentations Lee conducts provide tools, techniques and action plans to help individuals maximize their unique characteristics and connect all aspects of their life in order to propel them to expand their strengths and productivity to enjoy a more purposeful life. Simply put, living according to our beliefs and from our hearts allows us to reap life’s greatest joys and achievements. Whether you want to develop quality employees to enhance your ROI, or provide your members or audience meaningful and useful content, Lee inspires people to strengthen communications, personal pride, wellness, and enthusiasm. The name and content of all programs are tailored to leverage your needs, issues, themes and timeframes, ensuring the delivery of practical applications.

Lee provides practical skills and inspiration to help people change behavior through:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Training programs and workshops
  • Individual coaching


 The Art of Human Relations:

Exceptional human relations skills are at the root of every relationship. The stronger your root structure, the stronger your relationships and the stronger you are as a person. Like leaves on a tree, each one of us is unique; the more confident you are in your ability to consistently deliver exceptional human relations skills, the more success you will experience in your personal and professional relationships. The presentations and programs Lee offers focus on perfecting the art of human relations. Each subject listed below can effectively stand alone or can be combined with other topics, further perfecting the art for you, your employees and your audience. Please click on the subject for a complete description.

 Keynotes that focus on the power of communication, attitude and wellness. Listed below are Lee’s most popular keynote presentations. A complete list is available here:

Happy Hour

This is not your ordinary Happy Hour; it’s better! This Happy Hour will help your audience discover and maintain a healthy, positive and productive outlook and they will leave with a renewed spirit and tips to sustain momentum and motivation. Your audience will realize the happiness they have inside, which will help them enhance their overall quality of life. And, happier people contribute to a happier workplace, more satisfied customers and greater profits. This program is a great kick-off or wrap-up keynote for any conference and also makes for a great employee recognition program.

Balancing High Tech with High Touch:

This program awakens the spirit and helps participants achieve higher levels of customer service, and nurture better relationships with co-workers – as well as family and friends. Regardless of position, title, age, income, life stage or aspirations, we each have the opportunity to take control and enjoy a more fulfilling and purposeful life by learning and practicing exceptional human relations skills. Ultimately, more positive (happier) people with improved interpersonal and communication skills make better employees, sons or daughters, spouses, parents, coaches, and volunteers. For companies - large and small - and during a time when personal service is mediocre at best, there are vast opportunities to maximize profit and growth by maximizing the service that is delivered to customers. In this day and age when we rely heavily on technology, we must remember that computers cannot smile or greet us or offer the emotional connection that we as humans need and desire. The new art of human relations is balancing technology with people, and high tech with high touch to maximize growth and profit while enhancing the lives of people all around us.

Yippee, It’s a New Day!®

An attitude contributes to success, productivity and happiness or it contributes to failure and despair. Developing a positive attitude leads to productive behavior. It’s a word and subject that has become trite, but it is one of the most important aspects of our ability to achieve the level of success to which we aspire. We own our attitude and have the power to control it. By doing so we navigate our future and take ownership of our behavior and the life we have. In this day and age, it is more challenging than ever to maintain a positive, productive and healthy attitude and behavior. The great news is that maintaining a positive and productive attitude and behavior can be achieved, regardless of circumstances. Do you want to help improve mental wellness and replace negative energy with positive energy? Are you looking to enhance productivity and efficiencies, and have some fun? In today’s competitive environment, companies and organizations are expected to do more with less; therefore it is more important than ever to educate and promote a positive and productive state of mind.

The Gift of You – Discovering Your Legacy

Over the years, legacies have become associated with money and power, but in this inspiring presentation, you will discover the intangible and more enduring and valuable legacies that we carry within us. In this session learn how you can recognize and pass on your own unique legacy. This is a very meaningful presentation for mature audiences.

WVOM-FM: Senior Talk - Leave an Emotional Legacy


WABI-TV: Senior Spotlight – Tips to Share Your Legacy


WABI-TV: Senior Spotlight – Leaving a Legacy


 Keynotes that communicate inspiration for and from the Earth, Nature and Wildlife:

America’s Next National Park – The Maine Woods National Park

Practicing what she preaches, Lee has discovered her greatest purpose and uses her communication skills to passionately inspire, educate and encourage society to work together in the spirit of cooperation to create the Maine Woods National Park for the benefit of nature, wildlife, our planet and all mankind. This presentation embodies the heart of sustainability, vision and leadership, awakening peoples’ environmental conscience to think and act with determination for our benefit and that of our earth and America, the beautiful. For more information, please explore the attached PDF.


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