"Lee is a gifted, dedicated and creative instructor who is thoughtful in her material and connected with her audience through personal experience, analogy and subject knowledge. Lee is an inspiration through her constant thirst for learning, her courage to break the boundaries of doubt and her motivational empowerment." Sherry Guarneri

The Art of Communicating:

People drive profit. They help steer companies and organizations, moving them forward or hindering their progress, based on the strength of communication between employees, clients, community members, shareholders and more. By helping people maximize their unique characteristics, build confidence and leverage their energy maximizes the power of your employees.

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  • The Art of Human Relations
    The Art of Human Relations is a professional development class that expands the capacity of employees to be top-performers who will put the "human" back into service, thereby enhancing their ability to attract, expand and retain customer relationships, and create meaningful and effective relationships with customers, coworkers, community members and more!

    Participant Testimonials

    "I highly recommend Lee Szelog and her Art of Human Relations program to any company wanting to provide an exceptional customer service experience. This course has been one of the best (in my long HR career) communication programs I have attended. I have taken great pleasure in observing the positive and powerful impact of sending all employees through this program as a team. The personal and professional growth experienced by our employees translates to an individualized customer service experience for our members. The outcome has been a win-win for everyone."Barbara Bartlett, Director of Human Resources, Infinity FCU

    "I truly enjoyed participating in The Art of Human Relations. The program delivered more than I had imagined and our employees are better equipped to positively engage with customers, friends and family. We all took away practical tools for dealing with everyday situations. I especially appreciated your messages of taking ownership of your attitude and taking responsibility for your actions." Mark Mickeriz, President & CEO, SIS Bank

    "I highly recommend The Art of Human Relations to any business who wants to have a competitive advantage with attracting, retaining and expanding customer relationships." Robert Wheeler, Owner, J Edward Knight Insurance

    "I recommend this class to any company that wants to improve the attitude of the staff and the overall success of the business."
    Germaine Waltz

    "The Art of Human Relations class injected me and my coworkers with a wealth of information and confidence." Denise Hopkins

  • The Art of Leadership & Management
    The Art of Leadership & Management is a professional development program, providing knowledge and skills to managers and leaders so they can effectively advance their strengths and the strengths of their employees, enabling all to maximize potential and capacity.

    "You inspire me to be a better leader!" Nancy Alling
    "Presented in a fresh way that had great meaning and usefulness." Suzanne Parkman
    "One of the best classes I have attended." Janet Hammond

  • The Art of Communication – Speak with Confidence, Comfort and Conviction!
    "The class was instrumental in helping me to identify not only areas I can improve upon, but also strengths that I can continue to build upon. I have been talking up the session to my friends and colleagues ever since!" Nancy M. Fox,Colby College

    "One of the most valuable professional development presentations I have ever experienced." Lisa Tessler, Colby College

    "I would like to thank you for the amazing class, education, memories and instruction that I will cherish for a lifetime." Erika Turcotte, Business Line Compliance Specialist, AVP, TD Bank

  • Professional Development Workshops

Effective Persuasion & Communication
Communication Gaps and Teamwork
The Best of the Best Tips for Professionals
The Gift of Time
Innovation and Creative Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Opportunities for Productive Change

“Working with Lee is truly a pleasure! She tailored her Creative Decision Making class specifically for the needs of our bank while delivering the material in an engaging and focused manner. Many employees commented how valuable the class and the message was to their career growth.” Cynthia Stuart, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking & Deposit Operations, Connecticut River Bank, N.A.