Wild Side

"Lee and Tom exude dedication and passion for their subject and work, which allowed the students of all levels to connect with them and their message. Most importantly, their presentation inspired students, teachers and parents to get outside to explore our natural world. It was truly a pleasure to work with a couple who convey professionalism and enthusiastically share their refreshing work" Gayle Peirce, District Librarian, SeDoMoCha Elementary Middle School

"Lee's presentations provide a refreshing change of pace in the realm of sustainability programs, emotionally stirring audiences and inspiring them to think and act in a manner that benefits our earth." Laurie Bouchard

Wild by Nature

A multi-media presentation of Maine’s nature and wildlife that will stir your heart and soul

by Lee Ann Szelog & Thomas Mark Szelog

This unique and inspiring presentation will take you on an extraordinary journey on the wild side. In this day and age when technology is overwhelming our senses, teaching and inspiring children and adults to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty in our own backyard can be challenging. The benefits however can be astounding. With proper exposure to nature and wildlife our curiosity, as humans, will lead us to explore and appreciate all that nature provides us. These discoveries can significantly enrich our lives by enhancing our awareness of the effect our natural world has on our overall wellness and the wellness of our planet.

For more information, please read Wild by Nature (PDF)